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Share the world’s latest events – with a twist.

Flipem is a fresh and entertaining way to send a digital message that gets you noticed. Similar to a greeting card full of lottery tickets, a "Flip" is a situationally-tailored message that has the potential to be worth more to the lucky recipient than it costs to the sender.

Instigate conversations between you and your friends, or your company and it's customers by "Flipping" them predictions on the latest news stories. Entertain or antagonize them with the Gift of Chance™.

In the Flipem world - every message is a valuable gift, and every gift tells a story.


Have an Occasion in Mind

Whether for holidays, birthdays, sponsored events (or just for kicks and giggles) you can tailor Flipem to any messaging needs.

Pick a Category

With categories like Sports, Entertainment, Eco, Bizarre, Breaking News, and Tech - we have you covered wherever your or your recipient's interests lie.

Scroll Through the Latest News

Like a daily zine, Flipem is always updated with the latest stories from around the world. Read up on everything from the latest domestic news to sporting games to the bizarre outcome of a toe-wrestling championship in Derbyshire, UK (we know, we couldn’t believe it was real either).

Predict an Outcome

Have a hunch about how many toes will get broken during this strange toe-wrestling spectacle?

Use your wits and choose from a variety of predictions about the news you've read that you think the recipient would like - or that makes you put your money where your mouth is.

Choose an Amount

Choose an amount - and see what the fates decide.

Flip Out!

Send your prediction as a gift to anyone in your Facebook, Twitter or phone contacts. If you choose correctly, they win! If you don't, it's still A Thought That Really Counts™.



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